wildlife calendarResearch suggests that there will be an increase in temperatures and rainfall in Ireland as a result of climate change. Any change to our climate will disrupt the emergence time of insects, flowering of plants and arrival of migrant species, such as the swallows.

The National Biodiversity Data Centre with support from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, have recently launched the Farmers’ Wildlife Calendar for 2022: Climate Tracker.

Farmers are in a great position to submit accurate records of the first occurrences of nine key species within the Wildlife Calendar:

  1. Orange-tip Butterfly
  2. Frog spawn
  3. Ashy Mining Bee
  4. Flowering Primrose
  5. Blackthorn
  6. Common Cuckoo
  7. Swallow
  8. Large Red Damselfly
  9. Marsh-marigold

The Farmers’ wildlife Calendar: Climate Tracker is open for all users, not just farmers. Records of first occurrences of some of the nine seasonal events will help answer questions like

  • What effect has recent weather had on wildlife?
  • How is climate change affecting timings in nature?

Find out how to submit your records here.